Monday, August 16, 2010

Review: Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong @ TripleOne Somerset

Newly opened at TripleOne Somerset (formerly the Singapore Power Building) is another bunch of Imperial Treasure outlets. This latest threesome consists of Imperial Treasure Bakery, Steamboat Restaurant as well as Windows of Hong Kong (let's call it WHK for short). I've been back at WHK twice now and been raving to friends and family since - its 4 treasures rice set (四寶飯) has been my favourite thing in the past couple of weeks. 

This dish is extra special to me because of the memories I have back in HK when I was probably around 7 or 8 years old - whenever my grandfather used to work late and couldn't make it home for dinner in time, he would always buy food back and Jack & I would get all excited because that meant supper time for us! We'd grab our kiddy personalised bowls + chopsticks and he'd always share his food with us, despite having not that much in the first place. I still vividly remembered the wonderful texture and fragrance of bits of salted egg yolk mixed with steamed rice. Those were the days where life's simplest things makes you happy..

At $7.00, I found this set extremely good value-for-money given its location - the rice was topped with a chicken wing, slices of succulent, juicy Char Siew, marinated octopus slices, and of course half a salted egg and drizzled with seasoned soy sauce. As a set the rice is accompanied by a choice of either a hot coffee/tea or soup of the day. For the soup, one can choose between a chinese or "western" style, I'd usually go for their chinese double boiled soup. As a Cantonese, I really miss having soup since I've been busy with work there's hardly time to prepare your own, so this is a great way to satisfy my cravings for flavourful, nourishing soup!

Four Treasures Rice Set with Fuzzy Melon & Octopus soup (四寶飯+節瓜章魚湯) - ok the name may not sound enticing, but think of it as winter melon soup with oomph!

Jack insists that the Baked Pork Chop Rice was also worth a re-visit and XQ loved it as well:
XQ's Baked Pork Chop Rice Set 焗豬排飯+節瓜章魚湯 ($8.50)

While this is still slightly inferior compared to the likes of Maxim's and Cafe de Coral in HK, it's one of the most authentic eateries here in terms of HK style fast food, and at those prices, I'm definitely going back regularly! And I'm dying to try their steamboat branch - will plan for it this week~!

8.5 out of 10
Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong
111 Somerset
TripleOne Somerset


Merrinette said...

u made me hungry!

Pearl said...

I've been raving about this place to my colleagues trying to get them to go for lunch! but it a bit of a walk from our office =( Excellent value for $$!

auntielucia said...

I got bad news for u... WHK has just increased the price ofits four treasure rice. Now you have to pay $2 for the soup. The rice set itself is $6.50.

Catherine said...

I had meal in Cafe de Coral HK just last week and the rice is not as good as WHK. WHK is good! I hope they can maintain their standard and not localize...

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